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Why it is so important to buy Organic food.

In that perfect, ideal world, I would eat Organic food all the time. But as everyone knows sometimes Organic food is either hard to come by or just way too expensive.

So the way I prioritise is by checking the Environmental Working Group. You will find it a quick reference point when either filling your shopping trolley or ordering your food online. Every year this changes, so always could to keep checking. I've popped the image at the end of this article.

And just as a food for thought point....Professor Carlo Leifert of Newcastle University in 2014, came to the conclusion that there are " statistically significant, meaningful " differences, with a range of anti oxidants being " substantially higher " ( between 19% and 69% ) in organic food. That sounds good to me!

The team of researchers led by Leifert believe from the evidence that the raised levels of antioxidants are easily comparable to " one to two of the five portions of fruits and vegetables recommended to be consumed daily and would therefore be significant and meaningful in terms of human nutrition ".

So for continued good health of my family I will certainly be continuing to purchase organic food, wherever possible.

Still not totally convinced yet? OK, then let me share some other interesting pieces of information with you...

Not only is water vital to our survival but good quality food is also of paramount importance. Organic foods are a smart priority both for your own body health and for the health of the environment. 

When you consume Organic food you are avoiding CHEMICALS, namely fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and growth regulators. Eating Organic food is one way of avoiding a cocktail of chemical poisons that our body's struggle to deal with. They ultimately put a strain on the liver, blood, bowels and kidneys. These chemicals are so difficult for our bodies to process, they are seen as unnatural, alien and potentially after a lifetime of consumption it makes sense that our bodies struggle to deal with this level of intoxication.

So as I explained earlier in this article, Leifert showed through scientific research that organically grown foods have more nutrients, more vitamins, more minerals, more micronutrients and more enzymes than commercially grown foods. This is achieved simply due to the soil being nourished and managed with real care. ( Currently having a flash back to history lessons and the way in Medieval Times they crop rotated the fields and the feudal system!) You will notice that organically grown foods taste better because the food is nourished by being grown to in naturally well balanced soil.

So it's pretty certain that organically grown food is a great way for you and your family to avoid a large cocktail of chemical poisons that are present in commercially grown foods. It's simple, avoid the chemicals then you and your families health will benefit, tremendously.

The biggest and most important factor for me at the moment is the growth of GMO + GE (genetically modified organisms + genetically engineered ). So eating organic will mean you and your family avoid this type of food. I will discuss the GMO + GE in another post. ( so stay tuned )

When you eat conventional meat and dairy, you are exposing yourself and your children to hormones, antibiotics and drugs that are given to the animals, by either the farmer or a vet. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that a large amount of pesticide intake comes from dairy products, meat, poultry, fish and eggs. It is believed that this happens due to these foods being higher in the food chain, specially in the fatty tissues of the animals. Sadly in conventional farming cows, chickens and pigs are fed on animal parts, by products of the food and brewing industries, fish meal and grains that are laden with toxins and chemicals. If an animal in this country eats grain feed then it is most likely to be imported and from the GMO + GE sector. This in turn then enters the food chain and inevitably on your plate.... It is very important for your and your families health to source grass fed meat and if affordable and available to source organic, it is after all the way our ancestors farmed and if I really try to remember from my history lessons I don't remember hearing people had heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, or leaky gut issues, cancer, strokes or respiratory diseases when farming was chemical free within this country.

The preservation of soil and crop rotation keeps the farmlands healthy. Wildlife, insects, birds and soil organisms ( I love worms, they are so important to our soil. They are as important to our quality of soil as the bees are important to our crops and pollination), are able to thrive in organic farming.

So I hope I have been able to convince you that eating Organic is a firm and good choice to be had. Or even if I've slightly persuaded you to give it a try, then that's a great decision on your part.

To long and good health, for you and your family.