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Because everyone is different, naturally...

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Natural Health for busy City of London lifestyles.

Are you wired and tired?

Feeling frustrated or underrated?

Struggling to juggle home life, with work life and never having any self care time?

Does it feel like you and your family are constantly run down?

Do you simply just want to be well, with a sustained level of energy?

I work with people in order for them to achieve just that.

My aim is to give you a simple and realistic way to have a healthy life and still be able to cope with all that the 21st Century and your boss are throwing your way?

With the guidance of my qualified skills and being in clinical practice for 9 years and with the use of nutrition, homeobotanical herbs, homeopathy, biochemic tissue salts, iridology, detoxing, cleansing, nutritional supplements, laboratory diagnostic testing and lifestyle coaching I can get you on the right side of health.

I appreciate how important it is for you to find the right person to work with. This is why I offer you a free 20 minute phone call to discuss what is concerning you, to ask me questions about how I can help you.

Thanks Bubblecuddle, Thanks Charlotte.

"My 5 year old son had suffered from eczema on his hands, feet and legs, as well as a chesty cough since he was 6 months old. For five years we have seen countless doctors and specialists, been given dozens of moisturisers, lotions, syrups, blood tests and steroid creams. At one stage his fingers and feet were so dry, thin and bloodied that he couldn't walk, let alone pick anything up. After only a few sessions with Charlotte, the skin and cough has completely cleared up and the  relief we feel on so many levels is immense. 

I found Charlotte incredibly knowledgable on all areas, including lifestyle, nutrition, homeopathy and allergies. Her manner is open, honest, clear and understanding. I can only highly recommend her. Thank you Charlotte!!!" - T.M.

"Two years ago my then 13 year old daughter visited the dentist, with much fear and uncontrollable tears. We were advised to have her odd shaped teeth braced to give that perfect smile that so many teenagers desire. However her fear of the dentist was way out of proportion for him to be able start work on her teeth. My GP was unable to help my daughter, so I decided to look for a different approach and I came across Bubblecuddle. Since then my daughter has had a few treatments and I am very impressed with the results. My daughter is now able to walk calmly into the dentist without any anticipatory fear, tears or tantrums as had previously been experienced. My daughter is about to enter year 11 and the issue of exams has arisen. Charlotte has created a plan of treatment for her to help with the up and coming stress of revision as well as making sure that she will be able to overcome any exam nerves my daughter may feel. Charlotte’s attention to my daughters fears and needs have been very gratefully received and appreciated by both my daughter and her parents and her teeth look wonderful!" — Mrs J.B.

"Charlotte has been my therapist for the last year, I came for help with some emotional issues I had been experiencing and felt really able to open up due to Charlotte’s understanding and professionalism. The consultations and the remedies prescribed have helped me to understand/accept my past, enjoy the present moment and trust in the future. Thank you." — Miss L.S.

"Since childhood, I had been treated by 3 different therapists. In each instance there were some benefit however overall I had been disappointed with the results. I gave birth to a boy, he was extremely unsettled from the start with a variety of issues; colic, constipation, sleep problems as well as him being extremely clingy. I took him to a homeopath but again there was limited success. I came across Charlotte and she started treating him at 18 months old. After a couple of sessions his bowel movements became a lot more regular and he started playing independently, he also continued to improve over time. Since then Charlotte has treated him successfully for various complaints, including ballinitis and chickenpox. His chickenpox spots healed rapidly and he suffered no itching. Three years later, I had a little girl. Charlotte treated me throughout my pregnancy and post natal healing. My recovery from a very quick birth was rapid. My daughter was also given help for the trauma of being born so quickly and she settled into a lovely text book routine, only hindered by excessive wind which Charlotte treated. My son needed treatment to help adapt to our new arrival and he is now so besotted with his sister. Charlotte has treated me for various other complaints including depression, hay fever, candida and sleep deprivation. I have been impressed by the results.

I would strongly recommend Charlotte. I value her holistic, multi-principled approach. My family has greatly benefited from her openness to other therapies, such as nutrition. Her attention to detail is excellent. Her ability to assess the emotional impact on physical manifestations, with delicacy, is to be commended. She is always available to offer advice. I have chosen not to vaccinate my children and I feel much more confident with this decision in the knowledge that Charlotte will help guide us through their childhood illnesses." — Mrs W.N.