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Because everyone is different, naturally...

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Natural Health for busy City of London lifestyles.

Are you wired and tired?

Feeling frustrated or underrated? 

Struggling to juggle home life, with work life and never having any self care time?

Does it feel like you and your family are constantly run down? 

Do you simply just want to be well, with a sustained  level of energy?

I work with people in order for them to achieve just that.

My aim is to give you a simple and realistic way to have a healthy life and still be able to cope with all that the 21st Century and your boss are throwing your way?

With the guidance of my qualified skills and of me being  in clinical practice for 9 years and through the use of nutrition, homeobotanical herbs, homeopathy,  biochemic tissue salts, iridology, detoxing, cleansing, nutritional supplements and lifestyle coaching I can get you on the right side of health.

Please contact me via email and we can discuss further exactly what it is you need.

2:00pm 2:00pm

Fermented Foods

Come and learn about the fun of making your own lacto fermented foods.

Saturday 16th September 2017

Holistic Health, 64 Broadway Market, London E8

Tickets are available at the following link - 

Fermentation Fun

I enjoyed Charlotte’s workshop very much. It was great to learn about fermenting and all sorts of health issues in a relaxed environment and a week later I had a huge pot of delicious fermented vegetables to enjoy”
- Lev

”I burped both of our jars daily for 5 days. Both jars fizzed away nicely. My jar gave off quite a strong smell! I was quite concerned it wouldn’t taste nice, or worse still become moldy. This is not the case. It tastes lovely”
- Jackie.
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